Came back from a misled coach which led us all back to ghim moh from jurong, what a feat. This shows how life goes wrong more often than not. Today, all 8 or 9 of us were terribly cramped in a bus of capacity 40+, as compared to the previous week where 14 of us settled comfortably in a miniature pumpkin coach of Snow White’s that passed off as a cross between a battered ambulance and a retired lawn mower.



Along the way, people took turns to nap, for fear of landing up in
Kuala Lumpur instead. And due to some discrepancies that boarded the bus along the way, I woke up or rather de-stoned to find myself in a foreign land (This is no sci-fi or ET account), having detoured to toa payoh from orchard -.- At one point in time, we also ended up duty free, 600m to the airport. Cool, around the world in an hour. Yes, the world, I believe me the frog has had enough of peering out of the well. Simplification of matters always wins. *flap flap* out of sight out of mind.

Oh well, there’s this terrible segregation going on, real sad cos I don’t and can’t side with either. I love the fence so much that I refuse to give up sitting on it. So I’m gonna try gluing those two parts together and tada. But sitting on the fence is awfully tiring, tug-of-war 24/7, having either sides tugging at you simultaneously and you can’t lean. I can, but I don’t want to. I prefer the fence, its my territory. I can’t be in two shoes at one go eh? Perhaps one day, I’ll knock down this fence and get diffusion into the process and lets hope that equilibrium will be achieved one day. 

And sadly, we lost marginally to VIP, that’s what a judge said. Shrugs, will blog properly tomorrow. Remember yesterday? I’m still not yawning yet, frecky,  must be coffee. See you soon.