Poof, finally all over. Physics was okay, the subject I’m most confident in so far. I mean there’s geography and Language Arts but they’re kinda common sense so, shrugs. Lets pop champagne and go potato-ing on the couch. Kill me, I’m wanted.

Heh, I’m so sick of what happened today. Nah, I can’t take sides. I can’t compromise. I can’t hate nor like. Sorry if it caused unpleasantess to both but I can’t leave out anyone. I’m such a bummer, I can’t afford to get myself hated so I conform to everyone. That’s where the fun comes in with extremely conflicting viewpoints and I’m shot dead. I can’t be in two shoes at the same time, agree? I have no backbone, I’m no vertebrae. I sit on the fence everyday to support my back. That’s worse luck than a jellyfish.

Meh, ignore the above, I like to dramatise stuff and blow them up over here, sounds a lot more entertaining uh? I wonder if emo really sounds good. Aha and Ms Chan said something about voyeurism today so I wonder what people gather about my online personality. Ugh, must have a bad track record. Turn tragedies into comedies at every opportunities. My real life isn’t so rosy as yet you know? Nah, I don’t go all emo over stuff but I’m just too neutral to feel. Feeling hurt and having a capricious life is way better than having nothing none. Try it yourself man.

One day I’ll have myself leaning over the railings of the 30th storey and leap to my death out of sheer boredom. Until then, I still feel nothing.  Bleeding pathetic. Dripping red.