Argh, dig this. If there’s any subjects I won’t screw, it would have to be chemistry but as the case goes, there ain’t any subjects left unscrewd by my screwdriver, I almost screwd that one up as well. Yes, yes, I know, after 3 or 4 days of bombarding you guys with the mundanities of my school life, I shall stop being boring when I’m bored– Meng Ying’s wierd logic: I feel tired when I’m sleeping, I feel hungry when I’m eating. Blah, wierd in a way that after staring blankly at it and counting to 10, you’ll feel like fixing the person who composed this. You see, I do feel hungry when I decide to eat but most of all, lets chomp up the person who did this. Sheesh, killing my brain cells.

Went to parliament house yesterday for a school visit. It was way cool man! Anything that can warrant a genuine positive reply from me should set up a branch on Pluto. Oh my, I was totally in awe but I’ll pardon the chessy-ness, Pluto says it all! Even though that poor dear’s cast out of our eilitist system.

Man, I passed chinese by 1/2 mark, someone save me! Oh gosh, this is school, shall abstain. I need a tuition teacher, the current feminist isn’t doing good by brainwashing me in a foreign language! Math I failed, but yet unrevealed to paraniods, meaning some psycotic/utterly sane people back there behind the gate. I could exchange places with them, for all you know. Like a mad man doesn’t know he’s mad and how you could be behind and in front of those bars either way.

Hoho, had 2.4km run some days back. Hurray, I didn’t know I could still run, came in 4th in the class, not bad for a couch potato who spend time potato-ing and stoning for the better part of my life while abstaining from potatoes and cursing while the couch’s servicing under someone else’s butts. Darn, I should be a shameless degenerate. Nowadays, I do a lot of potato-ing, like today, I chucked a plate of chicken rice, 2 glasses of milk, hello panda biscuits, a burger into my bin and that’s only for breakfast and lunch.

Ah, and coming on to that, I’ve curiously survived today without coffee! I’m training myself to stay awake without caffeine influence and it was brilliant. You see, these few days of insane mugging where I spend stoning instead, led the Pathetic to sleep at 1 to 2 am on an average and get up at an uneathly hour of 5 plus by another psycotic body clock.

And that’s about all and I’m stoning for physics, toadstools. Tata