Bio test screwd as well. But well, I’ve learnt a lot, and grown from all these screws, screwing and unscrewing. Sob, sob, I’ve learnt how not to drink coffee at a magical time in the afternoon (3.17 pm sharp) and to have it at 12 midnight instead. I’ve learn how to listen to mom spending her quality time of hours reminding me of time wastage when someone’s such a hypocrite. All these cliches, *shakes head* so darned cliche.

I should have learnt how to have photographic memory and scan the whole bio text into my brain even if nothing came out of it because, its my nature to screw. Uh, who says human nature must be good? It could be in a form of a screw you know, like mine, perhaps yours could be something like a spanner or a hammer, not that it mattered, them tools.

CHEM TEST TOMORROW!!! If there’s a larger font, I’ll use it! No, not screw again, give me something like a…like a…ah I give up, can’t think of any other puns. Help?