Screw up, bloody screw up! This day, uh, I see that I’ve done away with the counting down, ah heck. And this is yet another reason  why my day’s screwd. I’ll try to make this quick cos this’ll be another reason to get screwd if I spend too much time here. MATHS TEST!!!! Whats with me?! An A-grader last year turned darned failure the next. I’ve got a bleeding 15.5/37 so fuck off if you think you’re bad! Man, bloody toadstool. Debates is also dookie shit, I spent a magical 5 minutes on case prepping, so what do you think? But they say its alright just as well. Not my low self-esteem but its really bloody screwd, like every aspect of my life today. ARGH SHUCKS, I didn’t frigging prepare scales for piano later! I hate scales. I’m on strike!