Blah, so today I went to bugis. Ah, not exactly went there, but my friend had to get a skirt for her cca’s stuff and such. Meh, apparently they had to “standardise” and she don’t have a decent one, so she had to get it. Stupid huh? Having to conform to the er-herms. What’s bleeding wrong with jeans anyway? Man, I can say that I don’t wear skirts and am still living fine with it. Fine, fine, that’s not my concern today. The problem is that I’m blaming it cos time’s running out! Let me blog about my life’s mundanities today, bear with me, but blogging sure is a good way to reflect on what I have have on my plate this present moment.

Man, tomorrow’s debate and there’s this motion we have to research on. LA film’s storyboard is due tomorrow and I haven’t really discussed my idea with my group yet, cos everyone’s busy but the ultimate reason is that I thought it was a tad too spastic. Okay nevermind, shall sort my thoughts out here. So here goes: The film is called “Death’s Prelude” and from this, you can see the ambiguity of it. The first is that it suggests a life’s gradual demise and second is that prelude is a short piece of music. Bearing that in mind, lets get on to the plot.

The antagonist is a cronic schizophrenic, who was affected by his childhood traumas, like family breakdown, abuse and such. After contracting this illness, he began to have serious hallucinations of a voice calling him to join death. To combat it, he began playing the piano to drown the voice and there was this particular music piece that he wrote to relate to his feelings. This piece, called Death’s Prelude was written and consolidated onto a single sheet after each traumatic experience so it has a really sentimental value attached to him.

Later on, after another quarrel, he was writing in it again, this time over the balcony, perched precariously over the railings. Having “accidentally” dropped it, he looked over the railings and the voice came to him again., this time more resounding than ever, painfully beckoning him to join peace and death with the music sheet which layed lifelessly on the ground floor. Having imagined and suffered enough, he jumped to his death, a final reunion with life.

So therefore, his death is extremely symbolic as Death’s Prelude is no longer valid as he is already dead and not going to be dead, and Death’s Prelude will no longer be continued and played as its composer perished with it. The film also has a surreal meaning to it such that, this guy never seemed to have lived for he was continuously thinking about death, even till the final moments of death, where he linked death with peace. Death’s Prelude as a music piece can also be said to be a part of the antagonist as they are never parted, not even till death and also more importantly as his trauma is written into the score, blending both entities together.

Oh brilliant! Now I think this can be sent to my group memebers as a draft. Hoho, blogging is really productive actually. And mind you, this is copyrighted and any plagarisms, I’ll chomp you up. I mean it. Oh and anyway, any other ideas on how to improve this? Please, there’s no sign of human existence here for days into weeks, except for the miserable blog stats that read 20+ on an average per day, but I see no one! Man, if you are in my group and you’re reading it, you’d better drop by a comments, or else…Yea, you know, thats good.

Oh shucks, I’ve still got the darned geog ppt presentation to edit cos I did not go according to the fixed format. Aurgh, actually its solo-ing again, but I guess it was my fault to not inform others anyway. Shucks, research as well, should I?

Ah anyway, if you’ve got this far, peace and have a nice day.