Alright, so today’s the last day of the demented 5 days. Hurray! And for a change (definitely not a nice one), their friends (not mine) decided to come to my house yesterday. And that, was the reason why you didn’t see me online for the first time without a legitimate reason, like oh man, my dog ate up my laptop even though I don’t own one and even if I had one, I doubt he’ll be cooperative enough for me to feed it into his mouth for a blog post. Uh, enough for the rubbish and now for the…oh, I don’t think the following would be sane either. Humph, I just don’t understand why I can’t write a proper emo, sob-sob post, everything that happened to me must be funny, even when my little bro pee-ed on my bed (luckily he hasn’t), I’ll get a laugh out of it here. If I did, people will start asking me if I’m alright up there and the stats will jump up ten-folds. Sigh, never mind, lets get on to yesterday’s traumatic but funny experience.

You see, I’m terribly territorial and yesterday, people actually stepped into my room!!! Yes, I know, a room -.- Okay, if you were a psycopath undergoing sibling reconciliation theraphy with a room which cannot be called one if it were not part of the house and painted bleeding pink simply because there were no other colours to choose from, a mom who has such perseverance to rummage through the obstacles like chunks of half-eaten choco bars finished by my ant-friend, primary one books improvised as floor mats, sprawling displays of rags and cloths chucked under the sun to search for contrabands…etcetera, you would understand. And as to how I could know some bleeding intruders trespassed my room, it always turns out neater than before, like why did my underwear turn up in the laundry? Inexplicable, *shakes head*. Meh, I know, its that sad.

And yesterday, some happy kids the age of my brother happily went prancing into my room and happily hopped on my bed. All were very happy, including me who witnessed the happy scene until some happy bastard was too happy so he happily fell off the bed with a bump that hopefully taught him not to be so happy the next time. Hurhur, and with this, its the last time I’m gonna tolerate kids, especially happy ones. You see, there was something awfully wrong with the above statement right? How could I? I mean, how could I happily watch and see toads hopping on my bed?! Sheesh, it wasn’t very natural, agree? Right, I was gagged and bounded on the spot by you-know-who so I couldn’t stomp in and have broiled toads for dinner.

Stupid, and another HCI guy came. This one’s also a demented math genius but did not try to recite math formulas in Greek to me. This one, however, was more terrible than the last one. He bloody hoarded my laptop for the whole day and downloaded some bleeding viruses into it ‘accidetally’ while playing some kiddy Maple-like game. Aurgh!!! Stupid people.

Dinner, man, I so hate dinners. Ciaos