See how emo am I? Chinese new year and here I am, in my relatives’ house, cooped up in the computer room, refusing to come out. Yea, they suck, big time man. You see, our relations aren’t very smart, neighbourhoody people, don’t mistake me for discrimination. Oh well, if you want to hunt me down and shoot, how very easy would that be, everything about me is on my blog.  

What I meant was that I don’t like the way they eye you in the face and give you that snobbish dunman-high-so-what look and they’ll perform the customary ritual of gathering up their mob gang and begin interrogating me of my daily routine at school, from the detailed analysis of the times I visit the loo to the Ghim Moh flasher that regrettably slipped my tongue. Sad. You’ll know how sad it was to have said it. And so this led on to a prelude of heated debate on some non-descript topic (by then, I’ve fortunately seeked refuge in this verbal lashing).

You would probably not want to hear of what they said as well. Utterly shameless people, they went on to talk about the male anatomy and so on. And obviously, feminists aren’t very rare in a group of 10+, just so you know. And so, this stupid thing blew up for no reason and everyone started howling at each other like bitches and pointing fingers. Lets hope they won’t have enough sense by then to point it to me, who started this.

Sad, very sad indeed. I think its sad enough for me not to see flashers in the same way anyhow (although I pray that their anatomy don’t vary much). I’ll probably bash them in the face if they ever dared to come near me. Bloodlust is a Terrible Thing! Hurhur flasher, blame it on my folks. Or maybe, I’ll be heated enough to rape them instead (would very much doubt it). Damn you people, I’ll never visit you again! You have no idea of what I’d been through today.

Seriously, there’s a lack of sane people in this mob. One smart kid in HCI who won 2 or is it 5 Math Olympic platimum medals has been very much helpful indeed in reciting to me math formulas in Greek, just that help came too late (My math common test!!!) and it turned awfully malignant that I went around the house in search of a spare sock to feed it into his mouth. Utter disgrace! I hate math freaks although I was one months back before something knock me in the head.

They should place this “Verbal Hazard” sign outside their door to prevent sane people from barging into that darned asylum like how dog owners place those cute-doggy-placards on their gate. But then again, I might be the lone psychopath who’s mad in a house of preciously sane people. Humph. The voice is indeed mightier than the sword.