‘A book is not for reading, It’s for making. I make things with books. I make objects. Yes, artworks: statues, pictures, whatever you want to call them. I even had a show. I fix the books with mastic, and they stay as they were. Shut ot open, or else I give them forms, I carve them, I make holes in them. A book is a  good material to work with; you can make all sort of things with it’ –Calvino

My book ran this really thoughtful column that really set me thingking. Reading is not only that dead book you have in hand, reading is also about us going around the world trying to understand or decode the signs that surrounds us. Everything is meaningless without perception however erroneously and distortedly and its just this that establishes the mind as a distorting medium. The world is a product of our projections but we are also subjected to the world. The world influences us as our actions influence the world. We never know things as they truly are but only in terms of how they appear to us.

And that aside for books, I’m probably going to bore you people to death.

Other than that, I’ve realised how easy geography really is. For nutters, listen here. Just imagine yourself as an investor in a certain company and to maximise your revenue and efficiency, there are a couple of decisions for you make, ie. location based on labour, market, agglomeration and so on. Put yourself in the company’s  shoes and think of the benefits each factor will bring. It’s really goddamned common sense and once you get the hang of it, human geog is really a breeze cos you don’t have to study for it.

 As for chinese new year, I’m already suffering from the aftermath of a force-feeding regime. Me, the starved, malnourished loser, is on an inflation course to pump in leftover food residues and unwanted garbage the Household refuses. Mom– Oh cannot finish arh? Nevermind, dish it in the bin (me). Dad– Shyt, our fridge is exploding, co’mere, lets throw some expired stuff into the bin. Mom–Oh man, 41kg? Nono, I’m too fat, give it to the underfed bin which weighs 10 kg more than me. Meh -.- See you soon if I’m not dead from bin-overflow.

Aurgh, here comes another chunk of garbage!