It just ain’t fair, you came to my backyard and left a bomb there!

Those inconsiderate bastards, *shakes head*. No worries, you’ll still be seeing me in school tomorrow cos first thing first, my backyard is nowhere near the point of mass destruction and secondly, I don’t have a backyard. Oh well, that’s just it for figurative uses. Get it? Ah dash it all, if its me, half the time you should not know what I’m talking about. If you do, hey! Let me know, I’m in need of mind-readers at the moment. How much? No change? Uh, thanks a lot anyway.

School! School! Ah finally, my second home, here I come. Frankly speaking, weekends are not for me. All I do is eat and eat and eat. Fine, fine go ahead, eat. Yes, yes, eat, carry on. Its really okay you know, all we have to do is to get a new fridge along with catalogues from cold storage times 5. See, I’m really that easy to sustain.

Yawn! Homework yet undone. No more coffee for me, mom banned it! Now I know how I survived through those 12mn-nap-4am-rise days. There’s no kicks in my life. I need coffee! Noooo. And you-know-what? Reason being her colleague successfully rid her son of that habit. And what have I got to say?! Shrugs, damn the impertinent son. Sometimes I think some really bastard motions like THW ban caffeine might come out in the future and I’ll seriously demonstrate against it. Ah dash it all, its all a pipe dream. Problem is, where’s my crack?! No, I mean…Well, its really up to the extent I can call this a drug.

So we didn’t go to whatsisname’s house and went to the hostel to prep. Man, they are making really nice loveletters for CNY! The badminton people are there for the sec 1 blah blah, maybe orienation? Ugh, I’m really bad at putting name to things so you must really pardon me. But my ultimate resolution is that I’d really love to stay in the hostel! There’s everything I want and most of all, there’s nothing I do not want. A very good example would be my sweet lil’ brother. How nice sweetie but pity sissy can’t bring goo goo there.

The electives! Where’s moot parliament gone to?! Why, its only the second day and all’s taken up! This cliche really worked, I’m late so shrugs, no worms left for me. There’s this shakespeare and creative writing club I’m really interested in. Can’t decide. Aurgh! They’re doing Romeo and Juliet, The tempest in Shakespeare but I don’t really like Tempest. The plot’s too fluffy like all his plays. But I like Twelfth Night best. Its playful. We’re doing Macbeth this year and its really bloody, I mean literally. So in the end I decided on the creative writing one cos there’s poems and I really do love writing poems. Mr Cave’s in charge and his pretty nice as well. Uh and thankfully I know someone from this sea of people. Or at least its not, now I’m just the 6th to join in out of the capacity of 25 people. Shakespeare’s was just as bad, since I’ve decided against it, it remained 5/25. Sad, seems like I screwd the selection. Oh well, that’s just about all for us loners.

Ah shucks, I’ve to get something for my mortal even though I don’t give a shit for my angel. Was just wondering why I don’t seem to care about anything. This really sucked. Would rather get it back man. That’s just all for today and I’m gonna be nice and return my overdue homework. See you.