Well, came here just to prove that I’m alive. Actually I’m not, shrugs either way does not matter anyhow. I’m just stuck in this hellhole forever, no diff. So that’s it, gone, my weekends. One chinese film/text review, newspaper cutting, LA drama scripts, chinese ting xie, chinese letter writing. Okay, so you must be wondering what’s bloody wrong with my chinese teacher. Yes indeed, she’s so wrong!

Uh, anyway shan’t talk about school today. Went to En ning’s house for LA drama on Sunday, it was fun! Fun in a way that us whole group went to play piano and all half the time. Well, that’s what’s gonna happen when 3 outta 4 people playing piano ends up in a house with a piano. But luckily, the other half we got stuff done! I came up with a couple of musicals and comedy cos 2 genres were needed. We’re really gonna sing in class man. Oh gosh. The comedy was too lengthy, boo. But its rather nice anyway, trust me! Will paste it here someday if it turned out to be success. If it didn’t [which most probably is] then forget it. Most people don’t make sense outta it. Its just all about two little piglets, ring a bell? But you bet we gave it a twist! And the twist made ordinary folks see stars. Nevermind, you’ll get to see it on Friday is you’re lucky enough.

Oh well, school’s going on fine, though I found that I’m losing sense in a way that I’m flunking maths any moment. Sheesh, I got 87 overall last year and that’s really something to boast of. But this year? Humph, I can’t even get indices and surds right! And science? Just found that I’ve totally lost my interest in it. Got trashed outta SMP phase 1, applying for phase 2 which’s obviously the leftover computer sciences and mechanics! Argh, proves us too noob for RGS and RI snobs. All day, I just read and read and read. Either that or I write and write and write. Its crazed. Seriously man nowadays I can’t get any sense out of anything.

Idiotic friend,” Hey, you know what?”

Me,” What?!”

Idiotic friend,” My dad and mom were married on the same day!”

Me,” Oh really?”

Look at that, just look at that. No exceptions for lame jokes as well. So take note, next time before you go reciting from the joke book to me, think twice.

Hurhur and today there should be debates but Mr biollo had some meeting which he forgot, forgot to let us know! Hurhur and we waited till 3 something cos Zhengkai’s got BSP. But thing is, I didn’t wait cos I put the time to good use by chionging chinese homework! Finished it successfully but the marks is another story altogether. Boo. Piano teacher’s coming today and my first piece is so bloody boring and easy that I can sightread it! How can she?! I mean pieces that even I can sightread would mean real trouble. What?! I can’t even choose. Sheesh.