Friends breaking up, chinese impromptu oral presentations, this stupid LA fairy tale drama adaptation which reminds me of my reality, just that reality isn’t half as stupid. Well, sometimes it is, but at most its not. You know, stupid is such a versatile word but in fact, crap is even more so, even though both are synonyms in a way. You see, crap has got more variations— the noun, crap, the verb, crapping, the adjective, crappy. Pardon if I got em all wrong, its not grammar school right here you know, kid? But if you go around applying the parallel to shit, like the act, shitting, the adjective, shitty, people will simply turn bonkus. Well, the former instinctively reminds them of those loos while the latter, I dunno, go ask your bio teacher.

Actually, this week of school is getting along fine, with me doing my homework simply because I love to do them. On the contrary, I’ve just completed my holiday homework last night. Cheer c’mon, its really a course for champagne-popping cos my homework history has never been so spontaneous. One fine day, its the unfortunate experience of losing my precious file on the bus, the other, its just that, oh teacher please, I really did place it nice and proper in your locker and whatever jerk who took it out did not do justice to my poor poor plight. And this year, I’ve really decided to be the unassuming kid down there in the corner. What’s more, its coming along fine! Wow.

Oh and my friend and I were chatting about which humanity subjects we wanna take if we have a choice. Well, although we had some major contentions, we came to this consensus that geography’s for future farmers and history’s for aspiring museum artifacts. Seriously, I believe I’ve mentioned once, my lovely geog text’s has the farmer’s almanac-becoming graces. As for history, I have nothing to say since I’ve never had the prestige opportunity of becoming the treasured artifact as yet. Wow, and so you assume I love lit? You bet, but lang arts? Not quite as yet. Well, I love those 3 lit texts but the additional stuffs like films and all, sorry not my cuppa tea. On the other hand, I’ve decided to really love ACE, fancy term for social studies. But don’t you think social studies sounds better in a way that it does not get stars circling round our heads? “Eh, what’s ACE arh?” Please, oh please, I bet I need a stats counter to correctly counteract the problem of counting the repetitions of this statement. And the unfortunate catchy clause does not help to get it off my subconscious now that everything’s proper when ACE officially debuted today.

Dinner, dinner’s served. Buh-bye!