Poof, finally, two consecutive days of tuitions are over! Hurrah! But actually, its better in this way cos weekdays I can have more free time. Oh actually its not so much more free time in a way cos afternoon lessons on wednesdays and thursdays last till 1630! School starting late does no justice either as we are dismissed extra late man. But when it comes to school or home, suprisingly I chose school. Okay okay, don’t take me for anything like a victim of child abuse or anything. Home’s just sorta boring and all and has got nothing happening. And when it has got nothing happening, I think about nothing and I start the fatalistic process of self-pitying. Man, and I’ll start getting pissed. Oh well, but school I get pissed as well. Difference? Home, I get cranky over myself but school, I get to get pissed over other people. Well, two are just as bad but shrugs. I’m bored.