Weekends robbed by tuitions and ecas. Don’t bother talking to me on msn if my status’ set to away. Or rather, you had better not. Chances are, my mum will go spying and demand I turn in my laptop for the week. Sheesh, parents do have loads of misconceptions about Instant Messanging uh? Take for instance, they can link up MSN to ICQ and over-protective ones will go peering over your shoulders, demanding the identity of the person. And if you brand him/her as friend, they’ll go interrogating you about their age, sex, school, err even GPAs and all if you took the trouble to answer their first question. And you know what I always do?

“Oh, you mean Jane/Mary/Dawn? I’m doing my science project with her. I mean mom, can you like leave me alone for awhile, I need to concentrate.”

And if she still persevered…

“Oh mom, look at bro, his jumping on the couch!”

Okay settled. Poof.

Sometimes, having a baby bro is never bad at all. He could help mom to divert attention from his big sis during times of emergency and sista could get him to stick to dad and mom while sis does other stuff. Look, what a wonderful lil’ bro.

But that’s just one part of the story, there’s another pretty horrifying one when he climbs into sis’ wardrobe and dresses it up like a garage sale. Leave that for some other day eh?

Bye and remember, don’t talk to me when I’m away. Dionne, you’d better else I’ll shoot you next time I see you.