School’s getting rather unbelievable. Well, some teachers are really capable of breaking records. So today was the first Lang Arts lesson and apparently we had to write some essay for some diagnostic test? Was okay with it at first as one of the que was rather interesting — what education means to you? But you mean 40 odd minutes for us to complete this? And added with the explosive complaints that lasted throughout the period, I wrote a bloody one and a half page w/o lines. Man, I’ve got a lot more to write!! Sigh, was cursed as ever. Argh, shan’t bother you guys with all this crap. Else someday I’ll sell the wrong image of myself as a whining brat. And I’ll lose my already lil’ group of pals and I’ll seriously lose my life although I have none in the first place and and horrors, this’ freaking me out. Okay I quit, going to my freaking tuition 😦 Sigh, I wish I knew when I could stop sigh-ing.