Its really bad when nothing matters, in fact more when something mattered. Well, just some food for thought for all you troubled people. I’m not, and ironically I swear I’m loads worse off than you guys.

Anyway, school was okay but I simply cannot tolerate the noise in my class. Now that we are more acquainted with each another, well you guessed it, it got worse. And yesterday afternoon and evening was dedicated to our beloved non-existent Bio teacher. I mean he didn’t show up yesterday afternoon for our class for some reason or another and we were supposed to complete this bloody project for a teacher whom we have not met. Shrugs and apparently the deadline, which was today, was a hoax. No offence meant, just so you know.

Argh and the curriculum’s demanding. Fine, and I’ve decided I’m really gonna love geog. So tada, off to read geog text! [in fact it’s more like a farmer’s Almanac with complete data on how to’s and climate types blah blah agriculture?] You can’t blame me, can you? Read all 3 literature texts twice and its a lot worse than reading geog to read em for the third eh?