Sigh, on my yet unofficial vegetarian diet. So I was shunning the bacon last dinner. Well and you know what impossibles my dad uttered? “Poultry reared are meant to be eaten.” Oh my bloody gosh, and that’s not all, an hour long lecture followed on how my health will be seriously affected, how he’ll skin me if I turned vegan and on the steps he’ll take to stuff ‘em down my throat. I’m serious man and its one of the most horrifying moments of my life. I mean, if poultry are meant to be eaten, then we humans live to die. For whom do we slog everyday when we will meet our fates in the end?

Let me ask you, what’s your goal in life? A doctor? A teacher? Okay, so I see your point. You know what our fellow chickens live for? For us. They feed for our consumption. Well, since when do you live for another’s existence? Speak of freedom, shoot me. Its ridiculous. I know, chickens aren’t aware of their fate and whatnot and its nature’s food chain for humans to lord over them all. But its bloody unthinkable to give anything an expiry date. But do you have to be so fickle? Human rights, human rights, what the hell has it got to do with us when we are bloody animals as well? Since you claim yourself to be so civilized why make exceptions? You can’t respect lives, just shoot yourself dead. Everything has consequences. Animals, they sacrifice for us, no, not unconditionally like your mom. Is it time for us to reciprocate? Perhaps we’ll just get the idea of a slaughterhouse sometime soon. End of the world is to daily scenes at the slaughterhouse? What’s the bloody difference? Those chickens are getting mass exterminations everyday. Yes I know, I know, cos we humans are in charge of them and we don’t kill all of them all at once for extinction to prevail. But what makes you think they could not survive w/o us? Armageddon for humans alone? Why not, its totally conceivable.