Watched Saddam’s execution last night [New Year] on CNN. Caught the blurry video shot by a handphone camera. Well, wasn’t too explicit anyway, it just featured the exchanges between Saddam and his executioners, didn’t catch the part of the execution though, thought it was supposed to be censored and stuff.

But the first day of the Haj holidays? True, Saddam ought to be punished for his inhumane acts but at the same time, you must prove yourself able to show just the minimal amount of respect for the world’s Muslims at large. You can’t just fix your mindset on a singular account and thereby offer differential treatments or bias towards or against the said party or individual.

Nothing is ever right or wrong, it just depends on your perception. In my opinion, our perceptions are formed by our upbringing or the internalization of societal norms and values, our experiences, influences from the external environment and so on, just to rant a few. However, is society a gross generalization of the world as a Whole? First of all, the values and norms internalized in us are very different to start with. You might be a Christian with an extremely liberal upbringing, while I might be an atheist with over-protective parents. You might grow up to be different from me, with differing opinions on societal norms and values, differing mentality and behavior from me. In fact, that is inevitable; everyone is special in their own ways, to phrase it in a nicer way.

But can we condemn any one belief or practice just because it exists in minority and had a dire history? Is past always the present? Is present always the future? Ask yourself this.

Upon watching the video, I caught this, shall we say, funny riddle uttered by Saddam? “And I bear witness that there is no God but God.”

Taken at face value, this sounds like some insane rambling after an overdosage of Alice through the Looking Glass. But it appears to speak more than that, these aphorisms usually do.

Spent my boring evening decoding it. Well, got a couple of political ones but I don’t think you guys want to hear a 2 pg rant on the Bush Administration, do you? Anyway, I might land myself in a lawsuit, which wouldn’t be very ideal, considering tomorrow is the much awaited school reopening! Well, what goes on down there is about Armageddon, the end of the world, literally speaking. If you don’t want a bad case of depression, stop right here.

Well, veering slightly off the tangent on Saddam and his execution, This statement struck a chord with me. Are we humans playing God—the one and only? Cloning and stuff, you name it, we’ve got it. IVF, abortions, we provide you a two way passage to life- arrival and departure, anytime you want. Commercialization? Death as a service? Euthanasia? Think along that line and you’ll start fretting the prospect of the next century.

Hurhur, we’ll get you kids gene-determined, such that there’s no retards left in the world, we’ll get you kids immunized against every possible known disease, such that any unknown entities could exterminate the human population at one shot—that is, if we even live to see that day, considering the multitudes of catastrophes and fatalistic endemics already occurring now. Who knows what’s next. No, we won’t know, nature’s always a step ahead of us, we only learn from the consequences. We only developed a seismograph after a history of devastating quakes, we only took tsunami as a matter of fact not legend after the recent tragedy. Even if we did predict another mass disaster [which I would be very much surprised], we only can forestall it and not prevent it, think global warming. Forgive me, but is God reenacting Noah’s Ark? Are we getting too far?

Our civilization is getting stronger, yet more vulnerable—alike that of an egg. Strong yet fragile. Take for instance, the recent tsunami won’t be half as fatalistic as it would be in the same circumstance in primeval times. Reason being that with all this technology and complex economies and delicate checks and balances in place, a tiny shove could easily bring down this structure in a matter of seconds, leading us to our apocalyptic fate.

Well, think optimistic in a pessimistic outlook. Perhaps Armageddon paves way for another species to hold reign? Nothing lasts forever.