So Dionne told me not to be such a pessimist today. It sort of got me into thinking out stuff. Well, its common knowledge that I’ve got this suicidal tendency for as long as I lived. But can you just assume that suicide’s supposed to be pessimistic? Well, don’t take it at face-value man. Suicide is just a better alternative to life. Since its a better path, why not take it? Why must the law condemn suicide? On what basis can they dictate our existence?

We all crave for better alternatives, like larger houses, branded automobiles, fatter paychecks and stuff. Why not extend it just a little further to better lives? Since we cannot deny that every step we intend to take in life is to better it, why not ending it be one of them? Why is death such a haunting prospect to others when one is willing?

In this case, what they’re proving is that life is a one-way thing. Your mom and dad brought you to life without your consent in the first place and what actually happens later on is that you can’t turn back. But are you even willing to enter this world in the first place? Well, at that point in time when you are conceived, you are in no position to decide. But now that you are mature enough to make decisions on your own, we should all agree that this better alternative to end life should be rightfully extended to you upon the coming of age. After all, we didn’t sign the bloody contracts to come into this place. We can’t violate the rights of life when we didn’t have the rights to decide whether to be conceived or not. But paradoxically speaking, we can’t make our decisions when we don’t have the ability to make it after all. So what I feel is that we should all be allowed to decide when we have the level of maturity and capability to do it.

And that’s that. Sorry if I’ve caused widespread depression upon you readers but that’s my take on the subject.

Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting that I’m turning on to end my life. So, don’t abduct me to a shrink the next time you see me.

Bye and have a nice day.