So my HCL teacher who is a die-hard feminist came today. She didn’t say much but it only confirmed that feminists are not nice people to mix with. Okay, don’t take my words at face value cos I’m sure I’ll get sued one day.

Been following the news lately? Well, basically there’s this new law stating how wives can refuse to have sex with their husbands. Correct me if I’m wrong cos I’ve been under the influence of a heated feminist. In short, 80% of what you would be reading would be junk.

Here’s how the conversation [or rather monologue] went:

“What exactly do they think of us women?! As if we can’t even defend ourselves from our damned husbands? How can you be so biased? Nonsense.”

Okay, I give up trying to translate and stuff. Its frustrating cos I can only think of that one liner even though she ranted on for more than half an hour. FYI, I added the swear words to show how heated she was. Forgive me if I failed. You can’t imagine the intensity man, she just lifted up a random object that turned out to be my phone and went smashing it on the table. No no, I don’t feel good.

Ironically, this feminist wasn’t too happy with the law inclining to her sex. Rather ridiculous don’t you think so? Gender discrimination and stuff, now it turned out to be the flip side. Either way, she isn’t gonna be satisfied. So what’s she to do? Happily go prancing to my house and whine? Ah, she should have given me a lesson outline, like next week we are going to talk about the mistreatment of sex slaves in the blah blah and the next… so that I could have ample preparations to feign sick. Ugh, this sucks. Gonna get more assessment books cos mum says they won’t last me for the next year. *But I say they are gonna last me for a life time*