Got through a rather uneventful day today. Left without my com, so I had to improvise with what I had to survive. Sounds sad eh? But there it is, I spent most of the day flipping the channels and learnt a few quirky stuffs.

Warning: This is loooong. But you’d better read on once you’d started, else you’ll get cursed in a few days to come. Hurhurhur.

Well, HBO is blocked so I have to make do with other channels. Shrugs. Saw the Croc Hunter Diaries at Animal Planet for the first time? I don’t deny that I’m rather lag. Its been like months since the death of Steve Irwin, sob sobs. Aww and here I am reminiscing about his existence. It was rather entertaining no doubt but the best part was his accent. Haha, I was attracted by the way he says ‘everyDYE’ instead of ‘everyday’ and ‘informashION’ instead of ‘informashien’ like how Tom Delonge does it. Not that I like it a lot but it does make me stay awake somehow. Quirky? But there it is, I don’t mean offence.

Then I flipped around the channels and came to Nat Geog. There was this interesting 3rd person recount on a much revered whale-loving friend. The title ‘The Whale Inunda’ itself leaves much to one’s attention, eh? There’s more to come. Well basically, its much like Roald Dahl’s Boy, where this charismatic man ol’ Peter whatsisname lived with his ‘wife’ on [Cape Town?] where whales frequent and Peter the whale-guru has forged intimate ties with them whales throughout the years and so on. Well, you know those type of stories eh? Death of a martyr. No offence fellow homo sapiens but Peter mentioned how he feels that whales are much much cleverer that us humans. For instance, they can predict the weather, from a slight wind to a threatening thunderstorm. Feeling inferior anyone? Well, I say that our meteorologists can get on with the job better instead of relying on our delicate animal intelligence. And there it went on and on until one day, Peter was killed while trying to rescue another ship from the thunderstorm. Actually I was half-expecting to expect the whales to rescue him from the wreck like the many cheesy dolphin-saving-man stories abound. But oh well, sorry guys, apparently it didn’t come out as expected. HE DIED! Kleenex, anyone? I’ve got plenty.

Too captivated by the previous programme, I stayed on on Nat Geog and officially contracted inferiority complex. Well, you know, being a human being is not as easy as I’ve expected. My intelligence or rather our intelligence are challenged again! Now this one: ‘Animal Omen’ suggests the theory that our animal counterparts can detect catastrophes like earthquakes or even the recent hyped-up tsunami days or even weeks before it happened. I’m sure you guys have heard of such theories before eh? Well, it attempted to explain the ways they sense them earthquakes and ended up with my thinking that Armageddon would fall rather soon and we humans would be gobbled up savagely like that in the War of the Worlds by H.G Wells just that our enemies ain’t our deary Martians but animals!, like the twee lil’ poodle you’ve got at home. Oh, I’ve digressed? Oh well, I’ll just recount one of the many egs else I’m sure you guys will get an overdose of my rantings.

This man, shall I call him Tom, Dick or Harry? Well, I think Harry sounds better uh? Okay so this man Harry places faith in his dog’s ability to sense earthquakes before they actually happened and he also proposed an extremely ingenious way, that is: to comb the lost and found pets section in the newspapers everyday w/o fail, get the average and if on one fateful day, the number suddenly shoots up, then something fishy’s gonna happen. I personally think that this guy is quite eccentric but well, I mean scientists who deal with new endeavours should be eccentrics eh? The other egs are rather technical so I won’t bother to explain cause you guys are bound to fall asleep.

Up next, I went to CNN [don’t ask me why] and witnessed the interview of the grand grand Nobel Prize Laureate, Muhammad Yunus who founded the Grameen Bank. Too bad if I sound Greek to you. Well, I thought it was a nice idea to get the poor to prove themselves helpful and able to carve out an existence by themselves instead of always having to rely on donations [which are really leftovers thrown at their feet]. Oh well, we should all be glad that an Asian actually got the Peace prize. Was it the first time? Or was it not? Someone educate me on this.

Then I went to Animal Planet again and risked getting myself killed from the relapsed inferiority complex. ‘The Most Extremes’ or so it was called mainly compare us humans to our better faring animal friends in terms of the ability to kill or something along that line. Yesterday I caught a portion of the show and it was the comparison of body parts. Ok guys, I know it might be quite sensitive around here but no, too bad, there’s no comparison between the animal and human genitals. Haha, sorry.

Oh my, this is getting long. Don’t curse me cause I only get to use com at this weird hour of the evening [ok, maybe not weird for you guys but I don’t use it at this time]. This may be so for the subsequent days cause my poor com would be out for a vacation. It misses me so, doncha? I don’t think I would do the synopsis for TV shows ever again cause as you know…(Hey, hey! Wake up! Don’t Sleep! I’m finishing!) Damn, I told you to read on till the end else you’ll get a curse right? Why won’t anyone listen to me?! *feeling inferior again*…sobs