So I was talking to my tuition teacher [whose well past the age of 50], not that it mattered but frequent annoying interruptions were made. Shrugs. I mean our jargon. The way we teens talk don’t really make sense to others outside our scene. Well, I mean, try saying to your mum, “I’m cheesing out of this!!,” or something along that line. She’ll probably see stars and wonder why the hell is her dear child…[I’m not a mum yet so I will never understand what they perceive by that] Words that we think harmless might appear different to adults. For example, we use “shit” more than any word in our teenage life, or maybe its “crap” for you, not that it mattered.

Oh bother, you guys are always complaining about how parents can and will never understand you kids? Well, as things are, they never will, because of the communication barrier. Oh no, I don’t mean the way that you folks can’t converse together, but you guys never will. I mean just look at the different jargons you use. Researchers into parent-child relationships can get the sack at this very moment.

It’s physically impossible for parents and kids to communicate w/o the other party seeing stars. I’m not only referring to teenage angst and whatnot but you remember the teething toddler you were in the decades old album? Can you converse with your mum and dad? Ah, and the jargon you use at that time differs a lot as well, in fact more. You said gaga, googoo, yada, but what the hell is that supposed to mean? For all you know, your mum went gaga just because you called her by that at age 2. Why aren’t there any bloody researchers into infant-parent relationship? This might sound ridiculous but there it is, that gurgling idiot makes absolutely no sense to parents. The way they pee in bed, turning the nonsense out of mum’s beautiful tresses, their sadistic behaviour in smashing the mirror, not only drives mums and dads mad but also promise them 7 years of hell just because they broke the mirror instead of the glass. But there it is, the hell lasted more than 7 years, in fact much more.

But then, do your parents’ parents or rather grandparents understand what your parents mean? Eh hello, they don’t live in the Steve Jobs-Bill Gates era. As it is, I’m in no position to scandalize them, cause there it is, I’m not a grandma as yet.

So thanks, I’m just a whining teen who disses everything that comes my way.