My mum took my laptop again, boo. Now I’m at the darned library using the computer. Everything is filtered out here and I can’t go anywhere with the “Forbidden Access” sign popping out. Tell me, is my life miserable? It costs me a bloody 3 cents per minute and I can’t even log on to MSN?! It says,” The Multimedia Stations are for research only. Please note that playing of online games are srtictly NOT allowed.” I mean who in their right mind would associate MSN with online games? I mean, we users pay for the internet usage and we have the right to gain access to any sites we want. We ain’t your kids at home kay? Youtube can’t be accessed as well. Even mypace is blocked, thanks to my mum in the first place. Do I even own my com now? And this is not the first time, in fact this is like the 4th or 5th time. Oh and good luck to me, by typing out this hate post, I’ve wasted 50 cents successfully.